On-Call Auto Scheduling

On-Call Auto Scheduling Configuration

Could On-Call Be Any Easier?

Let us setup your on-call calendar for you.

You can get as granular or automated as you want with your On-Call Calendar. Using auto scheduling, you don't have do anything! Tropos Alerts will automatically determine who should be on-call next based on a few simple configuration settings.

Rotation Interval / Time:

  • Daily - A new person will be on-call every day at the rotation time you specify.
  • Weekly - Pick which day and time each week to switch the on-call team member. For example, every Monday at 10:00 AM.
  • Bieekly - Same as above except it switches every 2 weeeks. For example, every other Friday at 9:30 AM.
  • Monthly - Rotate the on-call resource on the first of every month at the rotation time you specify.

Secondary On-Call Schedule:

  • None - With this setting, we're not going to setup a secondary on-call for you. You can either skip it or setup your own schedule.
  • Before Primary - This will have the team member act as secondary right before being primary. For example, this week Yoshimi will be the secondary resource responding to any robot battles, but next week she's primary.
  • After Primary - This one is for when you want to have your secondary on-call resource be whomever was primary last week. This week Egon ain't afraid of no ghost. Next week Venkman has it handled and Egon is backup.

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